A Clinic

Founded in 1994, Clinical Adelize Muniz has the latest technology and clínicoqualificado body to meet , always prioritizing the welfare and satisfaction of patients. Nesses 24 years, our goal, mainly in the aesthetic area , it was building, restore and return perfect smiles to raise self-esteem.

Located in the new Medical Center Lucio Costa, the Adelize Muniz Clinical features comfortable and modern facilities to offer a special environment for patients, you can enjoy:

  • easy location
  • Safety
  • covered paid parking
  • lifts
  • Adaptation handicapped
  • massages chairs
  • Smart TVs in the ceiling to visualizations of films, shows, cartoon, net, games etc during dental procedures
  • electronic anesthesia
  • dark protective glasses
  • Disposable protective head
  • Shoe covers to make the area of ​​sterile work
  • disposable bibs
  • special area of ​​sterilization of instruments
  • Custom Necessaire with oral special brush B, floss and toothpaste
  • Environment specially decorated for children and children's gifts.